IMW Toolkit

IMW Toolkit App consists of Nutrition Screening and Nutrition Assessment Tools for Nutrition Intervention in hospitals. IMW Toolkit is an open source application which is made available for free of cost by IAPEN.

About IMW

IMW Means IAPEN Malnutrition Week. ASPEN (American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) started Malnutrition Awareness Week in 2012 for the first time in the world with two webinars and a podcast. IAPEN is happy to announce the second week of February of every year as IAPEN Malnutrition Week (IMW), marking the remembrance of ASPEN President (Dr Nilesh Mehta) visiting India during 9th-10th February 2019 for the 6th Annual Meeting of IAPEN. (

IAPEN Malnutrition Week
& Nutrition Intervention Initiative

IAPEN Malnutrition WeekIAPEN has developed a decentralized toolkit for cost effective implementation of Nutrition Intervention in All Indian Hospitals. The open source and free toolkit is available via Android Play Store (IMW Toolkit) or Web App or iphone users or Internet or Web Browser or Any Other Device (Tablets/Smart TV/Others) ( ). The toolkit requires few minutes of special training to understand its true potential. Advanced features of this toolkit will also help in further research. IAPEN has training centres which are spread throughout India. Email to for more information about the free training of the toolkit and its implementation in your hospital or clinic. The mentors list is available @

The Toolkit can be downloaded from Internet and can be used directly without any help or support. For advanced features, dietitians and nutrition support clinicians can e-mail to for one or two hours of free training. The system is extremely simple and tested for four years by IAPEN in a typical Indian Hospital Settings (One nutritionist for 100 bed hospital with more than 14000 patients per year).

Simple weighing machine, height measurement tape, Android (Old or Lastest Version), Laptop or Computer are minimum requirements for implementing Nutrition Intervention at your hospital. IAPEN will give training and continuous support for lifelong learning for Nutrition Support Clinicians or Clinical Nutritionists.

Download the App from Android Play Store (IMW Toolkit) or and email to for free training and help and support. IAPEN also has international mentors from USA, UAE, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh etc. Email us so that we can help and support with the help of Our Sister PEN organizations present in 58 Countries.

The App follows a decentralized structure. This App does not store any data and is not linked to any database. The App can be used without internet using Android Platform and with Internet using Web App. More details about this app and how it helps for Nutrition Intervention can be obtained by sending an email to

The App is not for continuous data collection from patients. The application of sophisticated software present at your hospital is different and our IAPEN App is different. The data which you are collecting inside your hospital can be linked using IAPEN platform with other hospital data for understanding the metabolic disorders associated with malnutrition and nutrition management. This is only one advantage out of many advantages using this App. IAPEN will also fund and support the nutritionist or dietitians or doctors in lifelong learning based on his or her contributions and many more advantages are present. Kindly mail to for more information about personal training and support.


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Best features

Absolutely Free

The App is an open source software

Any Mobile Compatibility

Recent Mobiles (Android or iOS or any OS). Also works with old android mobiles

Modern Design

Responsive Design. Can Adjust to any monitor, mobile or tablet sizes


Entire data will be stored in your mobile phone or computer

Easy to use

Extremely flexible and easy to use. It requires 2 minutes to use the toolkit


IAPEN Will Handhold and extend unconditional support for everybody who uses this App for Nutrition intervention inside hospitals