What is Nutrition Intervention

The purpose of a nutrition intervention is to resolve or improve the nutrition diagnosis by provision of (Read More)

How much it costs?

Nutrition Intervention tools will be offered by IAPEN without any extra fee and can be learned by attending IAPEN workshops (Read More)

What are the benefits?

Unlock the potential of unlimited help, support and resources by IAPEN to individual doctors, dietitians and (Read More)

IAPEN - The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) is an organization in the field of parenteral and enteral nutrition and promotes basic research, clinical research, advanced education, organization of consensus statements about clinical care and quality control. IAPEN is a PEN organization for India and there are 62 PEN organizations throughout world and IAPEN is officially recognized by ESPEN (European Union) as Indian PEN Organization. IAPEN is also recognized as International Nutrition Support Societies by ASPEN, USA. IAPEN has collaborated with BAPEN, UK. BAPEN has gracefully given license to use MUST (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool) in India by IAPEN. IAPEN has also collaborated with JSPEN, Japan.

PEN organizations handle severe acute malnutrition patients in their respective countries. PEN organizations develop guidelines for treating patients and offer many more services including lifelong learning. PEN organizations are multidisciplinary societies consisting of Doctors, Dietitians, Nurses and Pharma and other health care workers devoted to the study of metabolic problems associated with acute diseases and their nutritional implications and management or in simple words, they deal with Advanced Form of Clinical Nutrition. For past 6 years, IAPEN has trained healthcare professionals including Doctors, Pediatricians, Gastroenterologists, Intensivists, anesthesiologist, OBG, Surgeons, Oncologists, Dietitians, Nurses and Pharma throughout India in Advanced Nutrition Care Process.

IAPEN - Call for Nutrition Intervention
in all Indian Health Care Settings

Nutrition Intervention for All Health Care Settings

Corporate Hospitals

Benchmark your hospital with International hospitals by starting Hospital Nutrition Steering Committees and International Quality Award.(Read More)


Interested Doctors and Dietitians can approach IAPEN for implementing Nutrition Intervention without increase in the workload.

Small Clinics

IAPEN has developed a cost effective nutrition intervention process. Even small clinics can also approach IAPEN and provide services on par with International or Corporate Hospitals.

Clinics in Small Towns

Participate in our IAPEN Workshops and take help and support from Expert Doctors and Dietitians for providing best services to patients. Join our Mentor-ship program.

Village Health Care Centre

Doctors or Workers present in Healthcare Centres can also approach IAPEN for training and implementation of Nutrition Intervension. IAPEN has also worked in Nigeria, Kenya, Nepal, Bhutan etc. along with Remote Indian Villages.


IAPEN has also developed Toolkit for Uneducated individuals for Nutrition Intervention.

Hospital Nutrition Steering Committees in All Health Care Settings